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Aerial Classes

High Flying Fun!

Fitness Class in Rochester NY
Come to ROC City Circus to learn the Aerial Arts of the modern circus. Who knew working out could be this fun? We welcome both beginners and those familiar with the Circus Arts. Did you know that we are the only facility in the Upstate/Western New York area that offers Flying Trapeze classes?
Yoga Classes in Rochester NY

Aerial Silks

Aerial silks (also called aerial fabric) is a special strength-tested fabric that hangs in two long tails from a single rig point at the ceiling. In aerial silks classes, you will learn how to climb, invert on the fabric, create beautiful shapes and wraps, and eventually, as you progress, learn dramatic drops, dives, and flips in the air.

Levels offered: Beginner 1, Beginner  2, Intermediate 1, Intermediate 2, Intermediate 3

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Aerial Static Trapeze

Static trapeze is a steel bar connected to either one or two points at the ceiling by two ropes. It’s a classic circus apparatus made popular in old-time circuses. In trapeze classes, you’ll learn various skills and movements below and on the bar and, as you progress, above the bar and in the ropes.

Levels offered: Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced

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Aerial Hoop

Aerial hoop (also called Lyra) is a steel circle connected by one point to the ceiling. It is a classic and beautiful circus apparatus that can create a type of frame around the performer. In aerial hoop classes you’ll learn a variety of ways to get on and off the apparatus, postures and transitions inside, below, and eventually, above and around the outside of the hoop, as well as spinning techniques.

Levels offered: Beginner 1, Beginner 2, Intermediate 1, Intermediate 2

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Aerial Sling

Aerial Sling (also called Hammock) is the same material as Aerial Silks but rigged so that a loop is created instead of two tails. In aerial sling classes, you will learn various ways to mount and dismount the apparatus as well as how to invert and support yourself on the fabric. As you progress, you’ll learn dramatic drops and dives.

Levels offered: Beginner 1, Beginner 2

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Aerial Yoga

Aerial yoga utilizes the aerial hammock but is rigged lower to the ground to give support for yoga postures. Aerial yoga has particular benefits for strengthening and stretching the whole body as well as decompressing the spine.

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Flying Trapeze Classes in Rochester NY

Fitness Made Fun Circus Workshop

Looking for something fun to do? Interested in joining the circus but not sure where to start? This 75 minute workshop will give you a small sampling of Aerial Silks, Lyra, Static Trapeze and Hammock.  There will be a brief warm-up and then it’s off to the Circus. Children ages 8-10 who are accompanied by a registered adult are welcome. All skill levels are welcome to join in the fun.

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Adult Aerial Fundamentals

Not sure which Aerial Apparatus you’d like to focus on? No problem! Our Aerial Foundations course will give you 1 week each of Aerial Silk,  Aerial Sling/Hammock,  Aerial Hoop/Lyra, & Static Trapeze.

Learn the basics of each Circus Apparatus.
Can’t commit to the entire 4-week session? No worries…you can drop-in to any classes you’d like to attend.

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Open Aerial Practice

Come in during our open hours and practice what you have been learning in class in our dedicated open practice area. This is offered at a drop-in rate or as part of a membership.

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Youth Classes in Rochester NY

Kids Break Circus Camps ~ Spring

Your kids can run off with Roc City Circus and still be home for dinner. This half-day camp is full of Circus Fun.  Each day kids will fly with the greatest of ease on the Flying Trapeze. Kids will also learn Aerial Silks, Aerial Hoop, Aerial Hammock, Static Trapeze, Balance Fun, Plate Spinning and try out our mini Circus bikes. On the last day of camp, they will present a showcase of their newly learned talents to friends and family. 

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* space is limited 


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Kids Aerial Fun~damentals

All students between the ages of 7 to 12 who are new to aerial training will start in this class. Students will learn the foundations of each of the following aerial apparatuses: Aerial Silk, Hoop, and Trapeze.

Levels offered: Youth Fundamentals ages 7-9, Youth Fundamentals ages 10-12

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Kids Open Aerial Practice

Instructor monitored practice time for youth enrolled in our aerial classes. This is a designated time offered twice a week for youth to practice what has been learned in class. Pre-registration is required.

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See a class you want to join? Give us a call today and talk with one of our outgoing team members!


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