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Circus in Rochester NY | Roc City Circus

Get To Know Roc City Circus

Opened in 2019, Roc City Circus was created to give the Rochester community a place to learn, practice, and share in the passion of the Circus Arts. Striving to create a place where all people feel welcomed, Roc City Circus, in Rochester, NY, will be known near and far as the place to learn, play, grow and make new circus friends. We look forward to meeting you soon, at Roc City Circus.
Aerial arts instructors in Rochester, NY

Meet our Team!

Ashley Buonaugurio

Youth Aerial Program & Aerial Hoop Instructor
Ashely was introduced to the Circus Arts in 2015 when she took an introductory Aerial Hoop class. From there, she was immediately hooked and has continued to train and performed on multiple apparatuses.

Her passions include Lyra (Aerial Hoop), Static Trapeze, and partner or “doubles” work. Experienced in instructing both children and adults and loves to watch her students grow over time.

Ashely works as a legal assistant during the day, and when she’s not hanging upside down, she spends her free time enjoying outdoor activities, hanging out with friends, and learning everything there is to know about whales.

Mindy Walsh

Aerial Silks – Bungee Fitness Instructor

Mindy began her love for the Aerial Circus Arts in 2012. While training to run marathons, she took an Aerial Silks class with a friend. She was immediately hooked! Mindy has been teaching in the Circus and Aerial Arts since 2014. She has an extensive background in group aerobic exercise instruction with a prior AFAA certification. Mindy brings that passion to all of her classes. She looks forward to sharing her love of Aerial and fitness with you.

Mindy’s home is filled with her love for animals. She and her husband share their home with three birds and two dogs.

Chris Henry

Aerial Silks – Flying Trapeze – Aerial Straps – Juggling – Instructor

Kira Dillon-Malone

Aerial Hoop Instructor

Kira began training in 2004 on various apparatuses such as swinging and Chinese pole. She has been performing professionally for years and began teaching in the Circus Arts in 2015. Her current passion is Aerial Hoop (Lyra)
015. Her current passion is Lyra (Aerial Hoop).

Kira has her master’s in education with a focus in working with special needs students, both children and adults. Kira is also a licensed massage therapist, which comes in handy when discussing muscle groups and how to utilize your body when working through various Aerial skills.

In her spare time, Kira is an avid gardener, a practicing herbalist, a bookworm, a gamer, and a mom. Just kidding, the mom thing takes up most of the time, so she hardly ever gets to that other stuff!

Ali Payne

Dance – Jazz Lyrical and Barre Above ® Instructor

Allison began her study of dance at the age of two in various studios around Syracuse, NY. She studied at the University of Hartford, taking classes in Ballet, Jazz, and Tap, and was president and choreographer for the University of Hartford Dance Team. Since moving to Rochester in 2006, Ali studied dance with Sandy Stramonine School of Dance and taught the Advanced Jazz Class for three years. After taking a break from teaching dance to have her two children, Fritz and Liam, Ali became Barre Above Certified ®.

Ali is a violinist and music teacher at Fairport Central School District. She choreographs the musicals at Fairport High School and enjoys hanging around on Aerial Silks at ROC City Circus.

Emma Christine

 Zumba Instructor

Emma’s love of Zumba began in 2011 while in graduate school at Brown University where she studied immune responses to viruses. It’s been suggested that Zumba positively benefits both physical and mental health, improving heart health, immune cell function, and just generally making you feel better. For her, she keeps coming back because it is FUN! Emma became a certified Zumba instructor in 2015 and enjoys helping people dance their stress away to a healthier life. When she’s not on the dance floor, you may find her on the Aerial silks or at the wheel creating pottery, like the ROC City Circus mugs that we proudly sell at ROC City Circus.

Kerri Rogers


  Aerial Silks Instructor 

Kerri took her first Aerial class in 2011 and has enjoyed it from day one. With no prior gymnastics or Aerial training of any kind, it’s a real testament that you can try something new at any age and succeed. Performing, teaching, and training adults and children since 2015, it’s a great escape from her everyday life in corporate America and motherhood.

Her first and favorite circus activity is Aerial Silks, especially when it involves a second person, (doubles). Corde Lisse, Lyra, (Aerial Hoop) Acro and pole are just a few other activities Kerri continues to train and teach on. Always ready to travel to various cities to keep expanding her knowledge of the Circus Arts in hopes to motivate and inspire others in their fitness journeys. “I will continue to educate and learn to be the best and safest instructor I can be. Words can’t express the gratitude that comes with watching students overcome their impossible. Come, join the circus and fly to new heights”

Mandy Raville

Ring Master, Aerial Silks Instructor 

As a wide eyed little girl, watching “Circus of the Stars”, Mandy dreamt of flying through the air with the greatest of ease. It wasn’t until 2012 when she took her first class in the Aerial Arts that she realized it was attainable even as an adult. She started training in Aerial Silks and began teaching to share her love with beginners.

After traveling to Club Med, Turkoise, she was bitten by the Flying Trapeze bug and started scheming to bring a rig to Rochester, New York. With the help and support of her husband, Kevin, and her daughters, Jordyn and Sydney, her dream has become a reality. Mandy also uses her strengths to compete in Ninja Warrior Competitions and even competed on American Ninja Warrior Season 11.

Penny McClure

Sling/Hammock Instructor

Penny McClure ​is a lifelong dancer from Rochester, NY. She discovered the world of dance at the age of four and soon developed a passion for jazz, tap and lyrical over the years. Her interests in creative movement made the continuation of Aerial an easy transition. In 2013, she took her first Aerial Yoga class, immediately falling in love with the Aerial arts. Since then, she has continued to train on various apparatuses, including Sling, Hoop, Silks, and Bungee.

On top of practicing and instructing Aerial Yoga, she enjoys costume design and creation. Sewing and crafting various dance, Aerial, and cosplay costumes have become an integral part of her hobbies. Penny is absolutely thrilled to be instructing with Roc City Circus.

History of The Circus

“Who started the circus?” you might ask. Well, the creation of the modern circus is credited to Philip Astley, a former cavalry Sergeant-Major with a knack for showmanship and excellent equestrian skills. His circular arena, in which he performed his “feats of horsemanship,” was simply called the “Circle” which eventually led to the name the “Circus” being used. In 1770, he hired acrobats, clowns, tumblers, jugglers, rope-dancers and more to add some flair and novelty to his performances between his equestrian performances. Soon after, competing shows began to rise. John Bill Ricketts opened the first circus in the United States in Philadelphia in 1793, and the rest is history as they say.
Circus Activiies in Rochester NY | Roc City Circus

Benefits of Circus Activities

Join the circus!
There are a plethora of benefits to participating in circus activities. By partaking in classes or practicing circus skills independently, you are exercising not only your body but your mind as well.
Benefits of circus activities include but are not limited to:
  • Improved balance, coordination, & reflexes
  • Improved patience
  • Stronger concentration
  • Increased self-confidence, social skills, and feeling of belonging
  • Improved fitness and flexibility
  • A safe space to have fun
  • And more!
Circus Classes in Rochester NY | Roc City Circus

Now that you have met the team and read why partaking in circus activities is such a great idea, stop in and sign up! See for yourself how fun joining the circus can be — contact us today 


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